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Discover Peru’s exquisite symphony of flavors with our carefully crafted menu. From our vibrant Ceviche to our savory Lomo Saltado, each dish promises an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. End on a sweet note with our traditional desserts for a complete gastronomic journey.




The ceviche is a very popular dish in Peru. It is prepared with raw fish, marinated (cooked) in a sauce called Leche de Tigre : with lime juice, onion, various spices and sweet pepper. This starter is served without side dishes. A portion of fried cassava can be served with the ceviche.

Ceviche Clasico

White fish cubes marinated in lime juice, onion, limo pepper, coriander, choclo and cancha corn, sweet potato

CHF 27,00

Ceviche Nikkei

Tuna fillet cubes marinated in soy sauce, ginger, lime, sesame seeds, sweet potato

CHF 29,00

Ceviche Salmon

Raw salmon cubes, marinated in leche de tigre sauce with coconut, sweet potato, plantain, choclo corn

CHF 29,00

Ceviche Carretillero

White fish cubes, octopus, shrimps and squid marinated in lime juice and leche de tigre, aji limo pepper, sweet onion, coriander, sweet potato

CHF 29,00


Causa Limeña de Pollo

Traditional Peruvian dish, mashed potatoes with lemon and aji amarillo yellow pepper, tender strips of marinated chicken

CHF 27,00

Tiradito de trufa

Thin slices of red tuna topped with truffle and limo pepper sauce, choclo corn and concha

CHF 29,00

Beef carpaccio

Thin strips of beef with rucola, parmesan and chimichurri sauce

CHF 32,00

Papa Huancaina

Steamed potatoes, quail egg, black olives, Batavia salad with Peruvian yellow chilli sauce

CHF 21,00

Calamar frito

Fried squid rings with tartar sauce, yuquitas

CHF 25,00


Lomo Saltado

Wok-fried beef strips a la minute, aji amarillo pepper, crispy potato, onion, tomato, coriander and rice on the side

CHF 48,00

Pollo en Crema de Aji

Tender chicken medallions, creamy aji amarillo pepper sauce, vermicelli chips, basmati rice

CHF 39,00

Arroz Chaufa de Pollo

Wok-fried rice with vegetables, egg, ginger and chicken

CHF 38,00

Proposicion Vegetariana

Market vegetables, wok-fried soybeans with tofu and Peruvian spices, rice noodles

CHF 32,00

Arroz Chaufa Vegetariano

Wok-fried rice with vegetables, ginger and fried egg

CHF 37,00

Otak Otak Amazonico

Amazonian style marinated salmon and sea bream, cooked in banana leaf, sweet potato cream, lime and lemongrass criolla sauce,rice on the side

CHF 43,00

Bacalao en crema de mantequilla blanca

Steamed king cod supreme, delicate white butter and coconut sauce, lemongrass, crispy vegetables and basmati rice

CHF 44,00

Salmon Nikkei

Grilled salmon steak on creamy quinoa with sweet aji pepper, shrimp, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce

CHF 42,00

Tataki de Solomillo con Papa seca

Thin slices of beef fillet, served with Peruvian potato, ponzu sauce

CHF 44,00

Tataki de Atun

Thin slices of semi-cooked red tuna with sesame seeds, peruvian potato, maracuja sauce

CHF 39,00


Lemon meringue tartlet

CHF 12,00

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

CHF 15,00

Mango cheesecake

CHF 15,00

Tarte tatin with ice cream

CHF 14,00

Assorted mochi

CHF 14,00

Lucuma crème brûlée

CHF 15,00

Red fruit dome

CHF 12,00

Torta Tres Leches

Traditional Peruvian three-milk cake with cinnamon ice cream

CHF 15,00

Ice cream scoop

chocolate, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, lemon, strawberry, mocha

CHF 5,00

– extra whipped cream

CHF 1,50

Espresso Martini

CHF 21,00

Tiramisù Martini

CHF 21,00

Welcome to “The Place2B”, your Peruvian corner of paradise. Discover authentic food, rich in flavors and colors, in a warm and friendly environment. Let us take you on an unforgettable culinary journey through the delights of Peruvian gastronomy.

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